5th Grade Football


Sam D

RVMS Football

     In the past few games of 5th grade football we have either lost or tied. Last game on Saturday we got our first score of the season. A lot of the 5th grade players have been disappointed about their score and they’re listening to plays. Their head coach, Rick Gilbert, has been mainly practicing the count and where to go. The last game the Blackhawks lost 24-7 the next game they will be going against Waunakee. The game will be starting around 10:30. If you want to watch 6th grade game it will be starting at about 8:00-8:30. The next game the players will be trying their hardest to win. The team has been determined to at least win one this season but so far nothing significant has happened. Well anyway, the Blackhawks have been doing well with being good sports and so far no arguments of opposing teams have happened. So sportsmanlike wise they have been doing spectacular all year.