Hail Caesar! (Updated 4/6)


Jazmine, Writer

Hail Caesar! Update

Hello fellow cast members! As you can tell, things are not how they’re supposed to be, what with missing so many rehearsals and David Daniel week. It’s still questionable whether we will return to school at all this year. Even if we do, we’re not sure we’d have time to do all of the blocking and perfect the show as usual. However, I have contacted Ms. Quale as to what to do with lines. She told me that at this point, if you want to memorize your lines as something to do, go right ahead. If we don’t put on the play this year, you could perhaps use them as something for Forensics in high school. Stay positive!

The middle school Shakespeare play for Spring of 2020 is Julius Caesar.  Auditions have been held and parts have been assigned.  For the next three months students and advisors will be working hard to prepare for the show at the end of May. Watch this spot for further news and information about progress on the production.

Here’s the list of cast members:

Hadley George – Pindarus

Isaac Deibert – Marellus

Elisa Olson – Lepidus

Isaac Daniel – Cassius

Breanna Hare – Cicero

Emily Muhr – Cinna the Poet

Heidi Hegland – Messala

Ella Prochaska – Volumnius

Will Stangl – Flavius

Mary Marck – Metellus Cimber

Logan Sorg – Trebonius

Ryan Kane – Caesar

Gus Truschinski – Artemidorus

Claire Mertens – Calpurnia

Jazmine Gauger – Lucius

Dave VanHallgren – Casca

Megan Langrehr – Octavius

Taylor Jackson – Portia

Arie Snow – Soothsayer

Gigi Royko-Maurer – Antony

Seamus Laufenberg – Cinna

Guidry Ridge – Brutus

Jameson Ridge – Publius

Tessa Pare – Decius

Lines must be memorized by Monday, April 6. The performance will be on Thursday, May 21 (12:30 pm and 7:00 pm) and Friday, May 22 (10:00 am).