You Be The Chemist


Isaac Z and Caleb M

At You Be the Chemist, there are 40 questions, each worth four points, about a variety of science-related topics, including electron orbitals, measurement, the periodic table, chemical and physical properties, and much more.  Each team has four members, and each has their own specific job. There is a scribe, who writes down the answers, a captain who makes sure everyone is on track, a time keeper who looks at the clock to make sure there is enough time left to write down the answer, and last, but not least, a team advocate who asks questions and delivers the answer card. The River Valley 7th graders got second place with 95 out of 160 points. They lost to the Lancaster 8th graders, who got 130 out of 160 points… very, very, very close.  The River Valley Middle School team consisted of Isaac Ziebarth, Isaac Deibert, Lucy Spahn, and Caleb Maes.